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We are a McGill undergraduate combo

Our group consists of:

 Élisabeth Provencher (alto), 

Benjamin Gilbert (guitar), 

Hugo Leclerc (tenor and soprano), 

Emmanuel Eustache (piano),

 Summer Kodama (bass), 

Joseph Boulet (drums). 

Originally, we started out playing Brian Blade and the Fellowship band tunes, and have transitioned into performing pieces written by our own band members, that takes influence from modern jazz music, with elements of free improvisation. 

This Trio Dirago began as an experimental group outside of the McGill ensembles. 

The members consist of: 

Julian Abbott (tenor), 

Rodolfo Rueda (electric bass), 

 Joseph Boulet (drums). 

Trio Dirago plays improvised music, with influences taken from many genres and artists, such as John Coltrane, Davie Bowie, MF Doom, etc.