The Pravin Thompson Quartet is a Prog/Jazz band from New York City. The band is led by Pravin Thompson, Guitarist/composer hailing from New Jersey. This most recent has existed since 2015, and are prepping to release there first full-length record, “A Thoughtful Collapse,” late 2019.

This set of music is centered around two different themes: Struggle with identity, and the struggle of morality.

A lot of these compositions are inspired by the idea of heroes. A hero must save the day at all cost. They must sacrifice their own personal needs for the greater good. A hero at some point take off the mask, and just live there live. This music is a reflection of that tension, and how that has served Pravin in his daily life.

Band Members:

Pravin Thompson: Guitarist/composer

Yuka Tadano: Bass

Yuma Uesaka: Tenor Saxophone

Paolo Cantarella: Drums