Marilou Buron sextet is a Montreal-based jazz band. Most of the members of the group met at Cégep de Saint-Laurent and are now continuing their studies at McGill University. They have been playing together for three years. Marilou Buron, who is currently studying composition and jazz piano at McGill, composes all the pieces they play and uses the strengths of each musician to bring her music to life. The band is formed of Marilou Buron (piano-voice), Elisabeth Lajoie (alto saxophone-flute), Antoine Tardif (trumpet), Samuel Brassard (electric bass), Frédéric Hébert (drums) and Vincent Piette (electric guitar).

Their music is unique and it’s a wave of novelty for the ears. From jazz to funk, and pop to contemporary, it’s a crowd pleaser. They think that sensitivity and musicality are the basis of the music; it would mean nothing without its exceptional power to reach our deepest emotions and carry us away.