Lawful Citizen 

Lawful Citizen has developed a repertoire of intense original music that does not shy away from anything. Their music is meant to seek truth and find deeper meaning through composition and improvisation. Formed by Evan Shay in late 2015, the goal of this band was to bring together four unique musicians who have strong voices on their instruments. It is a combination of American and Quebecois grit, a combustion of dangerous melodies, hard grooving guitar, low bass, and hardcore drums. Yet, they have a softer side, with tunes that respond to emotional events in their lives. A wide range of sources including post bop era jazz, improvised music, metal, rock, electronic, blues, and Americana has influenced their music.

Lawful Citizen has played in both Ontario and Quebec. In March 2016, they had the opportunity to perform at The Emmet Ray in Toronto. They also played at the Tranzac Club as a part of the Nick Fraser Presents series. Nick Fraser and Evan Shay opened with a duo improvisation. In Montreal, the band has been performing extensively throughout 2016 at Resonance Café, Casa del Popolo, La Passe, and Bistro de Paris. Future shows in Ottawa, Quebec City, and elsewhere are being planned.