Jazz United is a collective run by Travis Knights (taps), Jenna Marie Pinard (vox) and Kristian Fourier (piano).

It was created by professional tap dancer Travis Knights as a means to bring dancers and live musicians together and to pay homage to the origins of the jazz tradition.

The Jazz United is not only a band but a community. Every Sunday at Toronto’s Tranzac Club, you can check out the Jazz United Jam from 7:30-10pm, a jam put together by the same three people. Travis, Jenna Marie and Kristian have been running the Jazz United Jam weekly for over a year now.

The jam hosts a variety of up-and-coming and established Toronto and international musicians, as well as dancers every single week. It is a Pay What You Can jam and is meant to be a safe environment for all instruments, styles of dance and people.

The Jazz United band is comprised of young, passionate and dedicated musicians who all share a love and dedication for jazz. Travis Knights, internationally renowned tap dancer, brings percussive fire to the table with his tap and shares his wisdom through his story-telling on stage.

Band Members

Jenna Marie Pinard - Voice (UofT Jazz Current Student)

Kristian Fourier - Piano (UofT Jazz)

Leighton Harrell - Upright Bass (UofT Jazz Current Student)

Nick Donovan - Drums (UofT Jazz Current Student)

Jacob Gorzhaltsan - Sax/Clarinet (Humber Jazz Alumnus)

Travis Knights - Taps(Concordia)

Social Media:

Instagram: @jazzunitedjam

Facebook: Jazz United