The Funny Funk Band

From the first note you hear, your foot starts tapping, your head starts nodding. Before you notice, you’re on the dance floor. Your ears are drawn to the effortless fusion of funk, pop, hip-hop, and R&B. The crowd’s infectious energy draws you in and keeps you moving. Introducing, the Funny Funk Band.

Toronto's own Funny Funk Band was born out of a variety show created by bassist and leader Jackson Steinwall. This combination of music and comedy quickly gained traction in both Toronto and Montreal. However, Steinwall and company (Humber and University of Toronto music students) soon realized their passion was funk. This pivotal moment switched the focus from laughs to brass. The Funny Funk Band has always said that the key to a good show is simple - “make ‘em dance”.

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Their self-titled EP, released in 2014, led to invitations to perform at TIFF, Taste of the Danforth, the Beaches Jazz Festival, Dominion on Queen, Adelaide Hall, and the Cameron House. The funk band’s connection with their ever growing fan-base motivates each member to perform every show as if it’s their last. Lucky for us, they’ve only just begun.

The band has re-created their brand and have recorded their first full-length album in late 2016. At the end of March 2017, Funny Funk will be opening for west coast's funk pioneers, Five Alarm Funk!

Make sure you catch them while there’s still room left on the dance floor! Their new image and new name is planned to be released along with their second CD this summer, 2017!