Created by bassist, composer and producer Yonit Spiegelman, Foreign Hues is a melting pot of world-folklore music, modern jazz and R&B. The project had come together in Boston MA, there the members of the band recorded their first EP under the title 'First Words', which was funded by a crowd-funding campaign. The group currently is active in New York City and is performing in selected venues such as The Bitter End and Arlene's Grocery in Manhattan. The group is due to release alive EP, 'Brooklyn' in December 2015 and a debut studio-album in Jume 2016 under the title 'Home' which will feature their popular songs 'Can't Stop', 'Soon', 'Every Minute', 'Problem', 'I Thought I Lost Myself' and more. Foreign Hues featured extroadinary artists; Marian Gomez
Villota (Latin Grammy Nomenee), Raz Ezra (Sax/Flute), Rinat Tregerman (Piano), Tomer Ron (Trumpet), Evan Waaramaa(Keys/Arraingements), Pepe Hidalgo Ramos (Drums), Yogev Gabay (Drums), Haruka Yabuno (Keys), Jett Galindo(Mastering) amd Radmila Markidonova (Mixing). Today the group tours and records with Yonit Spiegelman(Bass/b.vocals), Marina Maiztegui (Vocals), Andy Rafiringa(guitar/b.vocals), Caili O'Doherty (Keys), Josh Plotner (Flute/Sax), Jared Yee (Sax) and Nathan blankett (Drums).